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The Battle of Algiers Berlin Alexanderplatz by Fassbinder Omar Destiny by Youssef Shahine Bab Al-Hadid by Youssef Shahine Gangs of New York Papillion Ivan the Terrible Amistad Frida Jamon Jamon by Bigas Luna Schindler's List Of Mice and Men Animal Farm The Night by Mohammad Malas Clockwork Orange Apocalypse Now Full Metal Jacket Rosa Luxemburg Sophie Scholl Wilhelm Reich Lolita Midnight Express Potemkine Querel de Brest by Fassbinder The Great Revival Life of Brian Oliver Twist Motorcycle Diaries 1984 The War on Democracy (a documentary by John Pilger) Land of Freedom by Ken Loach Bread and Roses Michael Collins Strike by Eiseinstein Dr Strangelove by Stanley Kubrik Al-Massir by Youssef Shahine Persepolis Germinal Caution, Lust