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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Organization of Women's Rights - 'The Skies are Weeping', TS Ensemble, Palestinian Dabka

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Talk and discussion from a meeting organised by the Organisation of Women's Rights-Iran on Wednesday 19th October 2005. Azar Majedi spoke against political Islam, for a secular society, and for women's rights. Why is Islamic Shari’a law in contradiction with women’s rights? Religious arbitration in Canada?! What happened? The discussion went further to touch on whether Iraq is free today. The meeting was hosted at Conway Hall, home to the South Place Ethical Society, London.

World Premier:The Skies are Weeping by Philip Munger, The Singer of Wind and Rain by Gregory Youtz, Israeli, Palestinian and Yemenite tunes performed by Tsivi Sharett and the TS Ensemble, Traditional Palestinian Dance by Dabka group, Al-Hurriya. "A Concert for Justice and Peace...In memory of the lives lost during the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank." Introduced by Cindy Corrie, Rachel Corrie's mother.

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