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Friday, June 23, 2006

Alex Grant - Radio Tadamon

Middle East Panorama radio show on Resonance FM 104
or www.resonancefm.com
Every Friday 14.00 - 15.00 London time (GMT)
  • On June 02, 2006, two events took place. They were very similar. The first was in Forest Gate, East London, in Engalnd. The second was in Canada. In both cases the police raided Muslim places claimimg attacks by terrorists were in preparation. In both cases no evidence of chemical weapons or illegal or suspicious activity of any kind has been found.Marjaleena Repo: "A galloping police state is emerging, in a fashion, familiar to those who know their history, of 1930’s Germany." The Observer newspaper 11 June 2006: "Better a bungled raid than aother terrorist outrage." Alex Grant: "It is vitally important for the imperialists to create an enemy to justify their wars against the poor of the world and they do this by creating racism and fear at home." Mike Marqusee: "That democratic vision is profoundly at odds with the ideology being preached and practiced in Britain these days. London is often cited as the most harmoniously multi-ethnic city in the world, and there's some truth in the boast. But that's no thanks whatsoever to its police, its newspapers or its politicians." >> Listen to Alex Grant
  • Listen to a radio documentary on Burj el-Shemali refugee camp, located on the outskirts of the southern Lebanese city of Tyre and home to upwards of 20 000 Palestinian refugees. This 30-minute radio documentary/Internet podcast was produced by Sawsan Kalache, and Stefan Christoff of the Independent Media Center of Beirut and Radio TADAMON! for broadcast on CKUT Radio in Montreal and distribution through the Electronic Intifada. >> Listen

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