Friday, July 21, 2006

Starry Night - Yossi Schwartz - Eurabia

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  • Starry Night by Mazen Kerbaj, a musican, a comic and blogger from Beirut.
  • Israel-Gaza- Lebanon and beyond: The ReaL Aim. Interview with Yossi Schwartz from Haifa. Listen here
  • Eurabian Nightmare by Matt Carr, journalist and author of the forthcoming Unknown Soldiers: How Terrorism Transformed the Modern World. Matt Carr is one of the first thinkers to explore and explode the myths underpinning the dangerous concept of Eurabia - being popularised by a range of authors including Melanie Phillips (in Britain) and Oriana Fallaci (in Italy). The speech derives from an article on Eurabia in the current issue of Race & Class (vol. 48, issue 1, July 2006). To order click here >> Listen to the speech

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