Friday, September 22, 2006

Hisham Matar - Alan Woods

Middle East Panorama radio show on Resonance FM 104
Every Friday 14.00 - 15.00 London time (GMT)
Featured in The Independent's 'Critics Choice', 22 September 2006
Hisham Matar, a Libyan living in the UK, speaks about his experience as a writer and his first novel In the Country of Men (Viking, July 2006). "I would have liked to write a book that had nothing to do with politics," he says. "I think ultimately I am a sensualist and an aesthete. I'm not really interested in politics, but politics was part of the canvas. I had to say something about it, otherwise all the different forces that are shaping these characters would be abstract," said Matar. >> Listen here
Interview with Alan Woods, a leading founder of the International Marxist Tendency and editor of In Defence of Marxism website. Alan will be speaking about the Middle East (from Israel-Palestine to Pakistan and Afghanistan). “The situation in the Middle East is spiralling out of control," “This ‘war on terrorism’ has had results that are diametrically opposed to what was intended," “The US invasion of Afghanistan has solved nothing," argues Alan Woods. >> Listen to the interview

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