Friday, October 20, 2006

Daniel Dor - Lina Khatib

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Featured in The Independent, 'Critic's Choice', 20 October 2006
Interview with Daniel Dor, author of The Suppression of Guilt. A former journalist, Daniel Dor teaches at the Department of Communication,Tel Aviv University, and is a graduate of Stanford University. A revised translation of an earlier book, Intifada Hits the Headlines, was published by Indiana University Press in 2003. He has worked as a senior news editor in two of Israel's leading newspapers. "Dor's book," commented Amira Hass, journalist for the Israeli daily Ha'aretz, "gives ample evidence of how the Israeli free press easily turned into an instrument of propaganda. ... Personally, the book helped me get over the frustration of seeing the reality I described totally marginalised in print." >> Listen here
Also joining the show Lina Khatib to speak about
olitics in the Cinemas of Hollywood and the Arab World. Today the world's media have a pressing need to understand and interpret the modern Middle East. In her book (released by I B Tauris on 27 September 2006) Khatib examines how contemporary American cinema and the cinemas of the Arab world contribute to this global preoccupation in their representations of Middle Eastern politics. The writer, a lecturer in world cinema, also uncovers the challenges presented by Arab cinemas to Hollywood's ways of representing Middle East politics. >> Listen here


Lopakhin said...

Just to say, I thought maybe Ms Khatib was a little unfair on the film 'The Siege'. Maybe she didn't watch until the end, in which public opinion in the States rebels against the mass detention of Arabs - it's less one-sided than she suggests. Otherwise, keep up the good work - good show.

Kev said...

Hi Nadim.

Always enjoy the show. Just wondering when (if?) this show will be online to listen to? Living over here in Eire we don't get Resonance on the aul wireless.

Also really looking forward to the Pappe interview next week.


Lina Khati b said...

Hi Lopakhin,

I assure you that I have watched The Siege till the end! I was responding to Nadim specific question on the use of space and boundaries in the film, when I referred to the scenes on the mass detention of Arabs. In that particular scene, there is a clear separation between "us" and "them". I was not evaluating the film as a whole. Thanks for listening to the interview.