Kamil Mahdi on Iraq and the Middle East - Khatami's visit to Britain

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  • Kamil Mahdi, an Iraqi political exile and lecturer in the economics of the Middle East at Exeter university, England, director of MA Arab Gulf Studies, ME Studies and ME Policy Studies, argues that in Iraq 'The British army is just another militia' and that while "daily the media tells us about clashes between "insurgents" and Western troops in Iraq, we hear less about the unarmed resistance which is fighting the occupation with strikes and workplace walkouts. The General Union of Oil Employees in Basra (GUOE), or Basra Oil Union as it is commonly referred to, is in many respects leading in that struggle - continuously opposing international corporations that want to take over the national oil industry."
  • By Friday 03 November Mohammad Khatami, Iran's 'President' from 1997 to 2005, would have visited to Britain and received the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws in Scotland and delivered a speech at Chatham House in London. Also a picket and a protest to the visit would have taken place. Listen to the coverage. Listen here>> Part 1 >> Part 2 (Murad Shirin) >> Part 3 (Maryam Namazi)