Friday, November 10, 2006

Nizar al-Issa on the Oud - China Mieville on the Middle East and international Law

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Nizar al-Issa: singer, songwriter and Oud (Arabic lute) player, accompanied on tabla by Kayed Hussien. Nizar's powerful vocals, skillful mastery of the Oud and passionate, original songs create a breathtaking soundscape. 'Authentic voice, masterful performance' – Al Arabia.

The Middle East and international law by China Mieville. His last book 'Between Equal Rights' (2006) delves into the nature of law. Mieville joins the show to explore how the international law is applied to the Middle East context. "Miéville argues that "law is structurally indeterminate as applied to particular cases, and so the interpretation which becomes official is always a matter of force; the stronger of the contesting parties in each legal dispute will ultimately obtain the sanction of law. International law, therefore, is not only genuine law despite the lack of an overarching sovereign, but is a more basic type than domestic law, with states taking the role of individuals, with "property rights" in their territory." Listen to the interview >> Part 1 >> Part 2 Related articles: >> International Law and America Power Politics >> Saddam's Trial

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Kylie said...

Very entertaining issue. I haven't heard of this one. It will be necessary to visit you on a thicket!