Oil Wars? - Wave of Strikes in Egypt

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Oil Wars: Does competition for oil drive conflict? What part does oil play in war? "Western intervention in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan is primarily motivated by the West's desire to control precious oil resources." Is this also true of other conflicts around the world? Interview with Yahia Said, co-editor of Oil Wars (Pluto Books, 2007) and Research Fellow at the London School of Economics, London.

Popular Social Movements and the Future of Egyptian Politics. "Since 1952", writes Joel Beinin, Director of Middle East Studies and professor of history at the American University in Cairo, “no Egyptian head of state has been targeted directly in this manner. A taboo has been broken, and there is no telling where these popular movements may lead.” From Cairo Joel Beinin joins Middle East Panorama to speak about the recent wave of strikes in Egypt. >> Listen to the interview >> Read article


"The good thing about the developments of the past two or three years is that most demonstrations have avoided using sectarian slogans...