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Friday, March 23, 2007

Workers Advice Centre - Mecca Charity Show

Middle East Panorama show on Resonance FM 104.4
or http://www.resonancefm.com/
Every Friday 14:00 - 15:00 London Time (GMT)

The Workers Advice Center (or Ma'an in Arabic) in Israel provides an address for unorganised and neglected Arab workers in Israel. WAC is also committed to the struggle of Palestinian workers from the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza, for jobs and social rights. It cooperates with Palestinian Trade Unions in fighting the Separation Wall and Israel's policy of closure. They have a unique perspective on the struggles facing workers in the region. A delegation from WAC has met Britain's biggest tarde union, UNISON, and two representatives from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (Britain). Here we listen to Adiv Assaf, national coordinator of WAC. >> Listen to the lead off.

"ONLY Saudi diplomacy has succeeded in bearing the historical responsibility for all parties, gathering the warring brothers in Holy Mecca and extinguishing a fire that could have burnt everyone." 'Thus, on February 14, 2007, Turqi al-Hamad praised the Saudis for brokering an agreement between Hamas and Fatah, pulling them back from the brink of civil war.' The agreement, argues Roni Ben Efrat 'is extremely misleading'.

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Martin Wicks said...

Najib, the link to WAC is misspelt, the English way - centre - instead of the American version - center.


Martin Wicks
I organised the WAC visit.

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