Friday, April 06, 2007

"Real Men Go to Tehran" - the Iraqi Communist Party

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"Anyone can go to Baghdad; real men go to Tehran", an administration official was heard saying shortly after the fall of Baghdad. Muhammad Idrees Ahmed, member of Spinwatch and whose regular commentaries appear at joins Middle East Panorama to speak about 'The Israel Connection', 'The Oil Factor', 'The New Politics of Oil' and 'The Next War'. >> Listen to the interview >> Read article

The Iraqi Communist Party has been accused of being a 'Stalinist' party and recently as 'a collaborator with the occupiers'' after the American-led invasion of Iraq. In its 73rd year since its foundation the general secretary of the party's organisation in Britain, Radhwan Alwakeel, and Imed Selmans defend the ICP 'glorious history' and 'its practical position' towards the situation in Iraq today. Interviews, icluding an interview with Rashid Elsheik from the Communist Party of Sudan.

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