Friday, May 04, 2007

Drugs in Afghanistan - 'Since You Left'

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"Afghanistan is the world's largest producer of opium and heroin, but its own people are becoming the victims. ..." David Macdonald tells a story about the diversity of drug use in Afghanistan that no one has ever told before. Author David Macdonald has worked as a drugs advisor to the UN. Drugs in Afghanistan - Opium, Outlaws and Scorpion Tales (Pluto Press 2007) breaks down the myths surrounding the cultivation and consumption of drugs, providing a detailed analysis of the history of drug use within the country. He examines the impact of over 25 years of continuous conflict, and shows how poverty and instability has led to an increase in drugs consumption. >> Listen to the interview

Since You Left is an autobiographical essay of a Palestinian-Israeli actor Bakri who returns to the grave of his former mentor, the writer and communist Emile Habibi, and attempts – using archive footage, personal films, and documentary materials – to account for the personal and political transformations that have occurred in Israel/Palestine as well as within his own thinking since the author’s death. Q&A with the director of the film Mohammed Bakri.

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