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Friday, June 15, 2007

Gaza and Beyond - The War Economy of Iraq

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Mahmood Abbas, the Palestinian president, described the situation in the Gaza Strip as "madness" and called for an immediate halt to the violence. Polonius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet replied: “Though this be madness, there is method in’t.” >> Yossi Schwartz from Haifa, Israel
>> Article: Crocodile Tears by Uri Avnery

Quote: "That is not a matter of Islamic fundamentalism. In this respect all nations are the same: they hate collaborators of a foreign occupier, whether they are Norwegian (Quisling), French (Petain) or Palestinian." (Uri Avnery, June 2007)

A speech by the Minister of Information in the Palestinian Authority. It was part of a rally organized by Enough!, a coalition of over 50 charities, trade unions, father and other faith groups. The rally took place in Trafalgar Square on 09th of June. >> Listen here

War and profit,” argue Christopher Parker and Pete W. Moore, “have always gone hand in hand. In Iraq, as well, a “war economy” is firmly rooted, yet it has gone largely unexamined in the stacks of books and articles dissecting Washington’s grandiose venture gone bad.” (Middle East Report No 243) Interview with C. Parker, assistant professor of political and social science at Ghent Univeristy in Belgium. >> Listen here >> Read article: The War Economy of Iraq

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