Wither Pakistan?

" The crisis is so intense today that never in the history of Pakistan has anyone seen such confusion, perplexity and bewilderment in society. The media, pseudo-intellectuals and analysts are adding to this confusion. They are raising all kinds of secondary issues, such as the judicial crisis, the Red Mosque, the Musharraf-Benazir deal, the return and re-exile of Nawaz Sharif, the uniform of the President, frivolous statements by American diplomats and presenting them as key issues in the minds of the masses...
"In the last three years the section of the ruling class in power has had loans worth Rs.33 billion waived and at the same time it has received subsidies to the tune of Rs.24 billion. This blatant theft of Rs.57 billion was to the benefit of just 1122 feudal lords, industrialists and businessmen. Among them 11 industrialists alone plundered Rs12.3 billion in 2003 from the State." Read full article

Global Poverty

The Science of (Not) Ending Global Poverty