Mansour Osanloo - Chavez & Iranian Workers - USA-Iran

Wednesday 31 of October between 9pm and 10pm (GMT) on Resonance FM Radio
Sunday 04 November between noon and 1pm (GMT)

A Guest to be Proud of?: The Saudi King in Britain
Freedom Will Come: The story of an Iranian trade union leader whose
two-year fight for the dignity of workers has landed him and his deputy
Ebrahim Madadi, in prison and in urgent need of medical treatment.
Chavez Meets Iran Khodro Workers
The crisis between the US and Iran
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"If one day the people will to live
Then destiny must reply;
The might must disappear,
And bonds must break"
Abu al-Qasim al-Shabbi

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>> The show theme music
>> Overcoming Zionism: Interview with Joel Kovel, 04July 2007
>> The War Economy of Iraq, Christopher Parker, 15 June 2007
>> Joel Beinin on Workers Struggles in Egypt, 30 March 2007
>> Assaf Adiv on Arab Workers plight and struggle in Israel, 23 March 2007
>> "Iran on the Brink - Rising Workers and Threats of War", Part 1, Part 2, 16 March 2007
>> Lara Deeb on Hizballah, Part 1, Part 2, 09 March 2007
>> "The Logic of Withdrawal" by Anthony Arnove, 26 January 2007
>> The Blood Never Dried: The British Empire in the Middle East, John Newsinger, 01 December 2006
>> China Mieville on the Middle East and International Law, Part 1, Part 2, 10 November 2006
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>> Jeremy Deare (NUJ) on the British Media and Lebanon-Israel, 18 August 2006
>> Arthur Neslen on the Israeli psyche, 28 July 2006
>> Yossi Schwartz on Isreal-Hizbollah-Lebanon and beyond, 21 July 2006
>> Endless War? David Keen, 14 July 2006
>> Interview with Greg Palast, 07 July 2006
>> Interview with Michael Schwartz,02 June 2006
>> Interview with Ted Honderich, 12 May 2006
>> Listen to Sajjad Khan on 'The Case for Action against Iran', 13 April 2006
>> Sami Ramadani on the media, torture, sectarianism and Iraq, 07 March 2006
>> Beyond Chutzpah - On the misuse of anti-semitism and the abuse of history - by Norman G. Finkelstein - 09 December 2005
>> Listen to Suad Khiary, an Iraqi activist and writer, 27 October 2005
>> Lal Khan, Pakistani Trade Union Defence Campaign, 29 July 2005
>> Listen to Murad Shirin on Iran's 2005 Elections, 24 June 2005
>> Interview with Mordechai Vanunu, 1 April 2005
>> Interview with Yossi Schwartz - On Israel/Palestine - March 2005
>> Listen to 'the Origins of Islam', 15 February 2005
>> Muslim-Marxist discussion, June 2004, Listen to Part I, Listen to Part II

"Newspapers have degenerated. They may now be absolutely relied upon." Oscar Wilde

>> Miss C. (Uri Avnery)
>> Egypt: Boxing in the Brothers and Comrades and Brothers
>> Palestinian Union Hit on all Sides (Al Jazeera)
>> White Elephants (Uri Avnery)
>> How Truth Slips Down the Memory Hole (John Pilger)
>> In Picture: The Work of Naji al-Ali
>> "Democracy for the Few"
>> Royal Dutch Shell and the Struggle for Iraqi Oil
>> Pakistan: The Storming of the Red Mosque (Adam Pal)
>> The Situation in the Middle East (Lal Khan, Pakistan)
>> "Overcoming Zionism": A book Review
>> Palestine in Suicide (Roni Ben Efrat, Challenge Magazine)
>> Read this or George W Bush will be President for the Rest of your Life (William Blum)
>> Welcome to 'Palestine' (Robert Fisk)
>> World Press Photo of the Year
>> Welcome to 'Palestine' (Robert Fisk)
>> Trail of CIA Agents for Abduction of Expatriate... (WSWS)
>> In Iraq's four-year looting frenzy (Simon Jenkins, the Guardian)
>> The Chosen Tool of the Weak against the Mighty (Eric Rouleau)
>> A Blanket Boycott of Israel or ... (Yossi Schwartz)
>> Israel: Myhtologizing a 20th Century Accident (Gabriel Kolko)
>> Wave of Repression against the Left in Morocco (
>> Secret US Plot to Kill Al-Sadr (The Independent)
>> Pakistan - A State at War with itself (Lal Khan)
>> Strikes in Egypt Spread from Centre to Gravity (MERIP)
>> Turkey: NATO's Islamists (Cihan Tugal)
>> Revolution, Flashmobs and Brain Chips (the Guardian)
>> Soros Kicked AIPAC. Obama Kicks Soros. Let's Kick All Three (Lenni Brenner)
>> Intensify the Witch-hunt (David Keen)
>> Lebanon - What is behind the Conflict? (Yossi Schwartz)
>> Racism, Resistance and all that Jazz, Mamoon Alabbasi
>> A Trial Giving Kangoroos a Bad Name (Stephen Lendman)
>> US and British Imperialism Staring Defeat in the Face (Rob Lyon)
>> Lebanon II: The Wider Picture (Roni Ben Ifrat)
>> The Blair Docrtrine: blood and money (John Pilger)
>> The British Army is just Another Militia (Kamil Mahdi)
>> Governmnet Death Squads Ravaging Baghdad
>> Muhammad's Sword (Uri Avnery)
>> The First Post-Zionist War (Roni Ben Efrat)
>> "Every Generation of Arabs Hates Israel More Than the Last" (U. Avnery)
>> Protests against ban on Sindh Teachers' Union (PTUDC)
>> Nostalgic about the War ( and Starry Night (audio)
>> Hizballah: A Primer (Lara Deeb, Middle East Report)
>> Pakistan: Teachers Union banned (PTUDC)
>> How I Found Myself with the Islamic Fascists (J. Cook)
>> Misplaying the Islamic power game (Financial Times)
>> Beware! The Attack on Democracy and... (
>> G. Galloway on Sky News (audio/video)
>> To Israel with Love (The Economist)
>> Empire: War and Propaganda (John Pilger)
>> Is it a War on Islam? (Pervez Hoodbhoy)
"Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets." Napolean Bonaparte

Books (in English)
Overcoming Zionism, Joel Kovel
Myth and Reality in the Contemporary Islamist Movement, Fouad Zakariyya.
Iran on the Brink - Rising Workers and Threats of War, Andreas Malm & Shora Esmailian.
Filming the Modern Middle East - Politics in the Cinemas of Hollywood and the Arab World, Lina Khatib.
Occupied Minds - A Journey through the Israeli Psyche, Arthur Neslen.
Contemporary Arab Thought, Ibrahim Abu Rabi.
The Blood Never Dried: People's History of the British Empire, John Newsinger.
Merchant Capital and Islam, Mahmood Ibrahim.

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Egypt - USA & Iran

"The U.S. news media have very little appetite for stories about Arabs who don't carry knives, shoot machine guns, launch grenades, or talk on gold-plated cell phones". Middle-east correspondent Rami G. Khouri
" News about the Egyptian workers' struggle never reaches European media."
Egypt: The Victory of Mahalla Workers Exposes the Weakness of Mubarak's Regime
The Militancy of Mahalla al-Kubra
Background interview and article >> Listen to the interview >> Read article

US Imperialism and the Iranian Regime: Ready for War or Peace?
>> Listen to the talk , part of MEP show of 04 October 2007

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