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09 March 2008

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Iraq: "The many regional and sectarian leaders in Iraq now wield a power over ordinary citizens that the new national institutions cannot, and may not want to temper. Iraq may fall into a second violent civil war. Or it may become an imperial protectorate with a privileged military and sharp class divisions." (Charles Tripp, Professor of Middle East politics, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and author of A History of Iraq). Also views by Jonathan Steele, a Guardian Columnist and author of Defeat: Why They Lost Iraq.

Hamid "the terrorist" and Harry "the hero": Both Mohammed Hamid and Prince Harry have links with Afghanistan. Analysis and views by Gabrielle Tierney, a character witness in Hamid's trial, Mohammed Hamid, and Heiko Khoo, speaker at Speakers' Corner, Hyde Park.

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The Politics of the Local in Iraq
Mohammed Hamid and Prince Harry (audio)