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27 July 2008

Sunday between noon and 1pm on 104.4 FM (London) Or (worldwide) Walid Siti's exhibition : Land on Fire . Walid Sitti is an Iraqi-Kurdish painter and printmaker based in Britain. Sitti's subjects are his experiences of war, exile, pain and loss. Conversation with the artist and the curator Rose Issa at Leighton House Museum. Hadani Ditmars reading from her book Dancing in the No-fly Zone: A Woman's Journey Through Iraq . Ditmars' book (chosen by the Toronto Globe and Mail as one of 100 best and most influential books of 2005) recounts her time in Iraq from 1997 until the autumn of 2003. Music by David Ferrard. Iranian court upholds death sentence against teacher trade unionist .

20 July 2008

Sunday between noon and 1pm on 104.4 FM (London) Or (worldwide) Mitra Tabrizian . This is that Place : The first major UK exhibition (at Tate Britain) of work by Mitra Tabrizian, an Iranian-British photographer and film-maker. The artist talks to MEP about her work. Hala Mohammad, Monzer Masri, Rasha Omran and Lukman Derky visit the UK for events at the Ledbury Poetry Festival and at the London Review Bookshop. Little is known in the UK of literary life in Syria, but there’s an extraordinarily vibrant cultural and literary scene. Interviews and more. A coup plot in Turkey?

06 July 2008

Sunday between noon and 1pm on 104.4 FM (London) Or (worldwide) Houssam Hamalawy on Egypt. Based in Cairo, blogger, activist and journalist Houssam dissects the workers' strikes and and forms of protests that have swept Egypt since year 2000. Photographer and activist Farah Kobaissy documents the role played by women in the movement. More signs of Israeli-US preparations for attacking Iran. In Mashhad, second largest city in Iran, over 8000 people protested last month against inflation and the government. Listen to the programme