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02 November 2008

Sunday between noon and 1pm on 104.4 FM (London) Or (worldwide) An interview with Joel Beinin , professor of Middle East history at Stanford University (USA) and a member of the editorial committee of Middle East Report online. Beinin has been Director of Middle East Studies and Professor of History at the American University in Cairo. He is author of "Workers on the Nile: Nationalism, Communism, Islam and the Egyptian Working Class, 1882-1954," a study that examines the role of trade unionism and the working class in the development of Egyptian nationalism during the first half of the 20th century, and "Workers and Peasants in the Modern Middle East". Listen to the programme

26 October 2008

Sunday between noon and 1pm on 104.4 FM (London) Or (worldwide) The Arab Communist Movement , featuring the views of Tareq Ismael , author of 5 books on the subject, and Hussam Al-Hamalawy , blogger, journalist and socialist activist from Egypt. Dissection of " The Unwinnable War in Afghanistan ."

05 October 2008

Sunday between noon and 1pm on 104.4 FM (London) Or (worldwide) Iran: 30 Years of an Unfinished Revolution . As a process the Iranian revolution started in early 1977 when civil rights groups and lawyers demanded more freedom. But the spark that ignited the big explosion took place on 8 September 1978 (Black Friday) when troops killed thousands of demonstrators in Tehran. In reply, the workers went on strike. What has been achieved after thirty years and where is Iran going? Asef Bayat, Director of the International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World and Professor at Leiden University, the Netherlands, and author of Workers and Revolution in Iran, Work, Politics and Power, and Street Politics, in a talk entitled Iran - The Unfinished Revolution. The talk was organised by The Middle East Institute and School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University, 07 April 2008 Watch here

28 September 2008

Iraq: Five Years On. (A repeat)