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I Am With Terrorism أنا مع الإرهاب
Hadeer Mahmoud, Every Day Egypt, 2015
The Absurd World of Martin Amis
The refugees question What Europe Can Learn from the Past Population Decline and the Great Economic Reversal
The Palestinians Killed the Dinosaurs
Worse than Benghazi
France: The Law on the Headscarf
The West's Favourite Afghan
17 Octobre 1961: Un Massacre á Paris  “This is where we drown Algerians”
History History is "the record of human society, or world civilization; of the changes that take place in the nature of that society...; of revolutions and uprisings by one set of people against another, with the resulting kingdoms and states with their various ranks; of the different activities and occupations of men, whether for gaining their livelihood or in various sciences and crafts; and in general, of all the transformations that society undergoes by its very nature.." —  Ibn Khaldoun , a 14th-century Arab historian
The Russian Military Operation in Syria
Gilbert Achcar on the Russian military operation in Syria 
" Since I am in any case tied up with the eastern mummery for some weeks, I have made use of the opportunity to learn Persian. I am put off Arabic, partly by my inborn hatred of Semitic languages, partly by the impossibility of getting anywhere, without considerable expenditure of time, in so extensive a language — one which has 4,000 roots and goes back over 2,000-3,000 years. By comparison, Persian is absolute child’s play. Were it not for that damned Arabic alphabet in which every half dozen letters looks like every other half dozen and the vowels are not written, I would undertake to learn the entire grammar within 48 hours. This for the better encouragement of Pieper should he feel the urge to imitate me in this poor joke. I have set myself a maximum of three weeks for Persian, so if he stakes two months on it he'll best me anyway. What a pity Weitling can’t speak Persian; he would then have his langue universelle toute trouvie [universal language ready-made] since it
Isis Inc: Oil
15 US Soldiers Reveal The Truth About Their Time In Afghanistan. 
Sanatizing the Tunisian Revolution by Joel Beinin
Turkey: Continuing the Struggle
Syria 1957: A British-Backed Assassination Plot
Prix Nobel de la paix… à ceux qui ont confisqué la révolution tunisienne
A City Made of Mud in Yemen
Workers and Thieves
The Novel, Politics and Islam
The New Egyptian Novel
" Aziz al-Azmeh, among many critics, has been one of the most prominent figures in assering that 'there are as many Islams as there are situations that sustain it'."
"Putin is the only major leader to utter a few simple truths about the role of the United States in the world today"
Vintage Photographs from Egypt
Photography: 1950s and 1960s Egypt
The New Saudi Borgias
Everyday Egypt photography