Saturday, February 13, 2016

Report on Syria conflict finds 11.5% of population killed or injured

The report notes that the rest of the world has been slow to wake up to the dimensions of the crisis. “Despite the fact that Syrians have been suffering for … five years, global attention to human rights and dignity for them only intensified when the crisis had a direct impact on the societies of developed countries.”

When the Paris attacks happened a colleague of mine, a white Westerner, called them "terror".  I wondered then she might have said when more than million Iraqi were killed as a direct result of the invasion of Iraq, which itself gave birth to ISIS. "Terror" when it takes place in Western capitals and Western lives are lost. The fact is that even when Western and white people are killed at home, the outrage against the states which have generated the context of terror through their very own terror is almost absent. Instead, anger and violence are directed against the oppressed and the vulnerable. Generally, indifference reigns supreme whether when people killed at home or abroad, when people get robbed by banks and banksrs rewarded for that plunder, when austerity carried out, when public assests sold out to the highest bidder or when workers sign contracts which forbid them from joining a union. 

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