Saturday, February 13, 2016


The same rhetoric by the liberals: "the first democratically-elected president". Elections held under the rule of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces with those who had more money 'shared power': the Muslim Brotherhood in Government, but the army controlled the rest, the main levers of power. The liberals in Egypt and the West have participated in the counter-revolution since January 2011. The Western media haild it as a "revolution" supporting the deals struck behind the scenes between the regime, the MB and the Western powers, especially the Americans and the British. They maintain their financial and military support of the dictatorship. No word of that in Reuters blog post. In short, the big powers have never supported a progressive movement in Egypt, or anywhere else in the region. They merely pay lip service to "freedom" and "democracy" while aborting any possibility for real change because it threatens their imperialist interests. Their support of theocratic regimes is another crime to add to the invasions, interventions, destructions and state terrorism of all types.

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