Liam Fox, here is the UK history our readers want to remind you of

Apart from no mention of
- the carving of the Middle East, which Britain was a major player in 
- the coups in the Middle East and Britain's role in them.
- Britain's role in the birth of Saudi Arabia and the long support to this day
- Britain's close relations with the Israel, which is a colonial, criminal state
- the subjugation of fifth of the world by the Empire and what entailed of plunder, killing, torture, humiliatiom, etc.
- Britain has a history celebrated by statues of criminals and imperialists hailed as heroes: Rhodes, Churchill the racist, Havelock ... Churchill advocated the use of poison gas against what he called "recalcitrant Arabs". He treated the Indians with a similar racism.
- the so-called neutrality position it took during the Spanish civil war
- the support and arming of other dictatorships in the Middle East and North Africa
- the support of some Islamist organisations to counter-balance or undermine the nationalists and the left.
- with the US, British imperialism also supported Al-Mujaahideen in Afghanistan
- Britain not only supported the capitalist conquest of Russia after the collapse of Stalinism, but has harboured a few oligarchs and criminals who plundered Russia in the 1990s especially under Boris Yeltsine. A plunder that amounted to the destruction of Russia by the Nazi invasion in WWII (Joseph Stiglitz)
- Britain's capitalism is one of the leaders in creating the biggest inequality in human history and it is the most aggressive neo-liberal state in Western Europe.
- the support of Saddam Hussein and the Syrian regime as well as the Gulf theocracies
- the support of Pinochet, Suharto, and others
- the participation of the war on Iraq and the occupation of the country and the consequences of that barbarism: IS, the biggest refugee crisis since WWII
- the role Britain has played, with the US, France and others, in supporting the status quo in Tunisia and Egypt and aborting any possibility of a real change, a change that threatens their capitalist and imperialist interests in the region. They supported the so-called moderate Islamists as well as the regime itself, flooding the countries with more NGOs and more military support as well as more debt enslavement.
and probably the biggest omission by the Guardian is: