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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The ruling class has to reproduce its kind and its ideas: the dominant ideology of every society is the ideology of the ruling class. The students of elite institutions are part of that repoduction. They defend the system and justify its functions.

"The type of institutions attended by the global mega rich are also much more likely to be elite institutions, rather than local colleges.
Harvard in the US is the single most likely name to be found on the CV of a billionaire, with Harvard Business School also popular.

Reflecting the rise in Russian wealth, Moscow is among the most popular university cities for these billionaires, including Moscow State University and a range of Moscow specialist institutes.
Stanford University in California and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have become the launchpads for a rising number of tech billionaires. Google's Sergey Brin was a postgraduate at Stanford.
Among UK universities, the London School of Economics and Cambridge have the most multi-billionaires in this list. Oxford can lay claim to Rupert Murdoch and in France, the Ecole Polytechnique has the most ex-student billionaires."
Source: the bbc

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