Monday, April 04, 2016

"Panama Papers" are the tip of the ice-berg. One can just imagine the whole size of the ice-berg itself. 

However, let's not be distracted. Let's be tolerant. This is part of our way of life that many oppose. Our immedite enemy is that immigrant next door, that Muslim refugee at the gate, that unemployed on benefits, that greedy British teacher or junior doctor on strike, that French worker on the street.

We have tolerated the banks plunder, the wars and occupations, the actions of our allies. Let's focus on Putin, but tolerate the Russian oligarchs in our midst. Let's comdemn the Turkish authoritarian measures or the Chinese dictatoship for the public consumption or the Saudi theocracy, but do business with all of them.

It is the best of all possible worlds. We are still a "democracy" and we are "civilised". After all, look at how others are killing each other or treating women. Their conditions are certainly unrelated to how the civilised West and its elite's way of life.

A classical Arab poet put it eloquently: 

لقد أسمعتَ لو ناديت حيا   ولكن لا حياة لمن تنادي     
You would move a livng if you talked to one
But there is no life in whom you are talking to.

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