Saturday, July 16, 2016


Context of a failed coup

"This analytical framework is then used to examine the outcomes in four countries where modernizing, nationalist projects took shape under the direction of secular elites: Turkey, Iran, Egypt and Tunisia. By the closing decades of the twentieth century, all four had reached an impasse. The Egyptian and Tunisian regimes had largely discarded their nationalist trappings and become Western client states, in thrall to the Washington Consensus—especially Tunisia, which was, in Tuğal’s words, ‘the most orthodox neoliberal regime in the Arab world’ and something of a poster-child for the IMF."

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Note: It is likely that the failed coup in Turkey going to strengthen the AKP project: Islamism, 'neoliberalism' and more authoritarian rule.


"Portraying Erdoğan and the fascist AKP dictatorship as if they were democratic after this coup attempt is an approach even more dangerous than the coup attempt itself. Portraying the fight for power among authoritarian, despotic and anti-democratic forces as a fight between the supporters and enemies of democracy will only serve to legitimise the existing fascist and despotic government."
Fascist maybe is an exaggeration, but I see what they mean.

Dilar Dirlik,
" AKP supporters have lynched a coupist soldier in Istanbul and beheaded him! How quickly these "national heroes" who murder the Kurds have become traitors and enemies - within an hour!
I cannot believe I was born in this country. The disgusting ISIS mentality combined with the fascist nation state ideology has turned the people into brutal maniacs. Erdogan already announced increased authoritarianism and darker times will come.
Nobody should be happy about attempted coups because military coups have a long history in Turkey and have brought nothing but extrajudicial killings, torture in prisons, massacres and censorship. Similarly, nobody should expect anybody to be "on Erdogan's side" for this period. This fatalistic dogmatic dualistic thinking has left the entire world in a state of hopelessness: Trump or Hilary, Sisi or Morsi, Assad or ISIS! These are no choices. They are all murderers. And people who want radical change cannot wait for fascist moments such as coups to overthrow a government because these sorts of moments do not happen on our premises. We cannot surrender our schedule and action plans according to the clock of fascists and geopolitics that are not in our hand. But what we must do is create selfsufficient and self reliant politics, create our own self defense and lead a principled struggle. This is what we do in Rojava, this is what we will do in Bakur (Turkish occupied Kurdistan), no matter what, freedom will win. In this sense, as usual, resistance goes on!"

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