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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

From the BBC

If he [Jeremy Corbyn] beats Owen Smith, he said he would be "the same Jeremy Corbyn that I've been through the last year and the last 30 years in Parliament", and that he would invite his critics "to come on board to work together".

"I have taken it on board, understood what they're saying and asking them to behave in a decent and responsible way and come together so that we do have an ability to take the fight to the Tories.

He expressed a hope that some of the front bench MPs who resigned would return, saying "we need to bring in many other talents" to the shadow cabinet.

My comment
No, and no. Corbyn is ready for a compromise with the Blairites and their allies although he is in a strong position.

Corbyn has the support of the majority of the Labour Party members. If he really has a long term view, he shouldn't compromise with the criminals, i.e. those who presided over the domestic and foreign policies, including wars, occupations, support of oligarchs and dictators, privatisation, austerity, tuition fees, banks' plunder, housing crisis ... You name it.

Corbyn should encourage more polarization not compromise. Compromise suggests weakness and invites defeat in today's British context. Such a compromise is undoubtedly advised by the like of Varoufakis. 

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This is funny, but it also refletcs how deep the level of political degeneration has reached.