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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A clarification by Richard Seymour
"When a wing of the left criticises "identity politics", they usually mean the kind of politics that reduces oppression to representation and that, as such, is apt to celebrate the inclusion of a right-wing fundamentalist woman in Trump's team because she is a woman and hence "diversification". They want a more substantive attack on racism, sexism, oppression of all kinds.
When a wing of the liberal centre criticises "identity politics", they usually mean to criticise what they think of as the overly clamorous and over-hasty demands of women, gays, African Americans, migrants and others for justice. This, they claim, puts 'progressives' in a difficult position when it comes to building coalitions (with racists, homophobes, etc) and achieving real reforms.
When the Right attacks "identity politics", they mean any concession whatsoever to the idea that anyone other than white bourgeois men are "created equal". They mean welfare handouts and laws banning lynching. They mean attempts to reduce police violence."

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