Sunday, November 13, 2016

Liberal crap

Putting the blame on those who did not vote. 
Clinton is not a friend of women; she is part and parcel of a criminal state. A state that implemented reactionary policies on wages, working conditions, commodification of women, imperialist policies towards women in the Middle East and elsewhere through killing by drones and IMF adjustment prgrammes, corporate lunder and exploitation, support of theocracies that oppress women... She is not a friend of women. Nor is Mother Theresa a friend of the poor.

Those who have been staunch defenders of the status quo wanted a continuation of the very same neoliberal injustice at home and abroad. The 50% or so who did not vote are fed up with the dictatorship of the two-party system. Conversely, those who wanted the status quo, the affluent and the rich support and backed Clinton to the hilt.

Paraphrasing Brecht, the liberals wish they could dissolve the people and elect another.

Richard Seymour: "This is part of a genre of liberal writing that is emerging now, and deserves to be challenged. *By all means* discuss the conditions produced over the long term, the considerable work and the collusion or overlapping of forces that helped Trump to power. But please don't, at the same time, overlook every single colossal advantage enjoyed by Hillary Clinton. 
The money, the media, the backing of the Democratic establishment, the support of much of the Republican establishment, the backing of practically every quarter of industry, the out-spending and out-organising of her rival, the social-demographic shifts in her favour, the fact that the neoliberal consensus she upholds has been the elite-produced common sense for decades, the fact that she had a completely unreasoningly loyal and infatuated fan base which she deliberately cultivated through her celebrity bid, the fact that a minority of middle class liberal feminists with prominent positions *systematically* white-washed her antifeminist record etc etc. With all this, she lost against an amateurish campaign run by the most hated man in American politics.
Please. Get over Clinton. She wasn't ever your champion. You were hers."

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