Saturday, March 11, 2017


"Some 95% of the 1,054 heads, deputies and senior teachers responding to the survey said they had cut back on support services - including equipment and materials, as well as mental health and special needs support.
More than eight out of 10 said class sizes had increased - a claim strongly refuted by the Department for Education.
And more than two-thirds said they had cut back on activities like clubs and trips." (bbc online)
The refugees fault? Too many foreigners breeding like rabbits?
They wish they could privatise all schools like what they have been doing to the National Health Service. Where is Richard Branson to "fund" education? Higher education is already elitist, why not making all education elitist, i.e. only for those who can afford it? 

These capitalists cannot afford even to be Keynesians.
They have the money for wars and bombs. They tell us our aid and charities, and missionaries, are helping poor people in Africa and elsewhere building schools.

Let's not forget that the cuts in budgets and funding are part of austerity, which means ordinary people and public services have been paying for the plunder by the banks (in collusion with the elected regime), i.e. paying those who triggered the crisis in the first place and punishing the rest. 

It is a beautiful system: you do not stop electing criminals because there is no alternative and you believe in "democracy" (capitalist democracy), and you become subservient to it. 
Let's hope it gets better after Brexit :)

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