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Sunday, April 23, 2017


When ones mentions Taliban, it seems that almost everybody has heard of them, but very few people would know how many times Western imperialist armies, and other armies, have interefed in Afghanistan, and the scale of destruction and instability those powers have left in the process.

The British now have been defeated for the fourth time (incompetence of the "civilized to civilize" the recalcitrant?

The Russians were also defeated, very badly. A defeat, let's not forget, that was helped by the Americans.
The Americans and their allies have been defeated after the longest oocupation by the US imperialism, without establishing "peace", "democracy", or "liberating women", dogs, and the unfit in general.

"For many decades during its recent past, when it was left alone, Afghanistan was one of the most peaceful and stable countries. History shows that what Afghanistan needs is less foreign interference, not more of it." (A BBC analysis)

Geopolitical interests will not leave Afghanistan alone. If the "Western powers", trying to rival others using pretexts, including "civilisational" ones, do not come back again in force, they will continue their proxy wars, and others will get more involved, using their own justifications.

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