Thursday, August 03, 2017

This is an interesting argumentative essay on "Salafism". However, it is also a disappoitment.
If I was to give a score, it would be 50\100. It is a good essay in terms of arguments and counter-arguments, etc. I have learnt a few things from it. However, I find such a way of writing too horizontal as if ideas emerge from people's minds with no connection to real life in their respective societies. I do not accept the excuse that I often hear: "Dealing with the social, economic, political, class, background of ideas is beyond the scope of this essay." A history which we can learn from is a history that is holistic with its interactive components and ingredients. Otherwise, it is sterile. I recall reading Assef Bayat, for example, analysing the Islamic movements in Iran and Egypt or Karen Armstrong dealing with how "Religion Fights Back" or how "Jihād" went global. There is a background, there is the vertical and the horizental. I have been disappointed here. I will though read the other essays.

What is Salafism?

and this one too confirms the fragmentation of social thought. We cannot see even two pragrapghs about the social and political context in which the people we talk about lived.

Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Abdu al-Wahhāb brothers

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