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Saturday, April 14, 2018

The conflict in Yemen is not really about Iranian influence, as is often claimed to and in Western capitals. It’s certainly not about legitimacy or democracy, nor yet about sect, creed or colour. It’s about filthy lucre, and the corrupt access to it via state-capture. The Arab Spring—a rising up of the “street” against the kleptocracy—was co-opted and corrupted in Yemen by political factions (and their foreign sponsors.) The UN-sponsored National Dialogue Conference supposed to be a national fresh start after decades of corruption, nepotism and misrule, was itself corrupted by those very factions it sought to replace: many of the ancien regime were able to retain and leverage ill-gotten political and financial resources, despite those being the major cause of the 2011 uprising. And the West stood idly by.

Radix Malorum est Cupiditas
"Greed is the root of evil"

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