Sunday, July 22, 2018

Another tweet read: “We are at war! The UK armed forces must go to the Islamic areas and should go to door to door and shoot them all."

A record number of anti-Muslim attacks last year
"Twenty years ago, Hazan set himself two objectives. The first was only to publish ‘offensive’ texts that ‘did not stop at describing the existing order’ but ‘proposed ways of subverting it’. The second: not to owe a ‘penny of debt’ to the banks. He kept to both aims."

Twenty Years of La Fabrique
"The reality is that every president since Lyndon Johnson has forgotten about America's poor, and especially, poor Americans of colour. Most politicians rarely use the words "poor" and "poverty" in their speeches, unless they intend to criticise the poor for their lot in life. 
Yet the black affluent class continues to emphasise racial progress and social mobility as if it's 1978, with Jimmy Carter as president and sitcom Diff'rent Strokes (starring black actors Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges) an NBC primetime hit."

Corruption and crime in London

After the Panama Files, the "Mafia Files"?

"The UK's National Crime Agency would not comment on any current investigation but told the BBC that organised crime syndicates laundered hundreds of billions of pounds a year through London, mainly through complicated company structures."

The tentacles of the Italian mafia

Saturday, July 21, 2018

"here’s what might surprise you, if you’ve read too much liberal academic bullshit about the “white working class". Opposition to Brexit, and the xenophobia that’s come with it, was strong in Durham.

This was mainly white, working class people refusing to adopt the reactionary identity of the “white working class”, invented by liberal pundits in response to Trump."

The labour movement and Brexit

Thursday, July 19, 2018

"Technology development became less a story of collective flourishing than personal survival. Worse, as I learned, to call attention to any of this was to unintentionally cast oneself as an enemy of the market or an anti-technology curmudgeon."

Survival of the richest

Related topic

Elysium (a movie)
(You might have three or four pop ups, but you will get it at the end. The movie is not that available to watch for free)

I have just finished reading

Late Victorian Holocausts
El Niño Famines and the Making of the Third World

It is an execellent book
Some passages in chapter 8 are not easy and require some scientific knowldge if the field, but most of the book is a very good read.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Educating Britain

Suffragettes on the BBC
Omission/filtering/sanitisation: It is scary to know that prominent Suffragettes were socialists.

The BBC is celebrating 100 years since women over 30 and "who met minimum property qualifications" won the right to vote in Britain.

I have gone through these three pieces and I have noticed deliberate ommision of what is an integral part of some prominent Suffragettes and the Suffragettes movement: socialism, communism, the Independent Labour Party.

 Sylvia Pankhurst is described as "a vocal pacifist, anti-fascist and anti-colonialist activist." In this introduction (click "more"), and this one ( recommended to teachers!) claims to be tracing "the history of women's movement in Britain" and "how women won the right to vote."

Now, compare the above with

Emily Davison "was a staunch feminist and passionate Christian, and considered that socialism was a moral and political force for good."
Sylvia Pankhurst "was an English campaigner for the suffragette movement, a prominent left communist and, later, an activist in the cause of anti-fascism." She was the founder of the Workers Socialist Federation.

Emmeline Pankhurst, probably the most venerated in the mainstream British media, defended the presence and reach of the British Empire: "Some talk about the Empire and Imperialism as if it were something to decry and something to be ashamed of. [I]t is a great thing to be the inheritors of an Empire like ours ... great in territory, great in potential wealth. ... If we can only realise and use that potential wealth we can destroy thereby poverty, we can remove and destroy ignorance." For years she travelled around England and North America, rallying support for the British Empire and warning audiences about the dangers of Bolshevism."

Constance Markievicz "was an Irish Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil politician, revolutionary nationalistsuffragette and socialist."