Wednesday, August 24, 2016


This is how a Chatham House fellow reminds us of Rabaa's massacre.
No mention of the military and financial support of the Egyptian regime.
No mention of the Muslim Brotherhood role in working with the regime and especially with the US and the SCAF from days one so that Mubarak goes, but the regime stays.
And calling those criminals in the imperialist camp as "a democratic club" that Egypt is far from is just adding insult to injury.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sometimes you find surprises in the gutter press

"But not every part of the resistance was grateful. De Gaulle’s supporters in Paris feared either a communist seizure of power or a mirror of the bloodbath that was befalling the August 1944 Warsaw Uprising. Through the Swedish consul they negotiated a truce with the German military governor on 20 August, but this was not observed by the insurgents who threw up barricades in a revolutionary reflex and continued guerrilla warfare, seizing weapons from the panicking Germans."

The forgotten heroes of Paris, 1945

Sunday, August 21, 2016


You see, it's not about whether you are a Muslim or a Roman Catholic or nomally Socialist, but what class interests you represent/defend in maintaing the status quo.

"Sadiq Khan urges Labour to ditch Corbyn"

Britain: That media of "our liberal democratic society"

Sounds of Blairite Silence

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Headline on, 19 August 2016

"The most disturbing thing about notorious British hate preacher Anjem Choudary is that his terrorism conviction is for something he said, not something he did."

How can I be safe from persecution from what I say on this blog? After all, I have been blocked by the Economist comments admin and seen my comments removed by the liberal Guardian!
Beware the Extremists

Friday, August 19, 2016

To understand where the so-called liberal democracy stands since ots inception and why the BB has just called one Islamist preacher "one of the most dangerous men in Britain", one should read a historical account.

"From the 1970s, however, liberal revolution revived on an unprecedented scale. With the collapse of communism, bourgeois liberty once again became a crusading, force, but now on a global scale. In the twenty-first century, the armed forces of the United States, Britain, and NATO became instruments of 'regime change', seeking to destroy dictatorship and build free-market democracies. President George W. Bush called the invasion of Iraq in 2003 a 'watershed event in the global democratic revolution'. This was an extraordinary turn-around, with the middle classes now hailed as the truly universal class which, in emancipating itself, emancipates all society. The debacle in Iraq, and the Great Recession from 2008, revealed all too clearly that hubris still invites nemesis."

Bourgeois Liberty and the Politics of Fear (OUP)
"The Worst Place on Earth": Inside Assad's Saydnaya Prison

The liberals have again 'discovered' a new torture compound. They want to raise awareness. Where were they when people like me, and thousands of others were tortured, deprived of their rights, and even killed in the jails of their allies? Is it only when an ally is no longer an ally that we 'discover' their brutality?

“For years Russia has used its UN security council veto to shield its ally, the Syrian government,” says Amnesty’s Philip Luther..." Yes, like what the US, Britain, France, etc have done in Tunisia, Egypt, Latin America, Indonesia, Greece, Uzbekistan, etc. They shielded, and still do, their allies. And like how the US using the UN security council veto to shield the Israeli state barbaric actions.

Amnesty, according to Aljazeera Arabic website, is an independent organisation and away from any idelology! What about the Amnesty's support of one of the biggest criminal organisation in history?

Here is something hot from the pan:

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

It is not the first time, but it always makes me laugh

"The evidence now shows that Anjem Choudary is one of the most dangerous men in Britain."

When we do it it is fighting for "freedom and democracy", when they do it is radicalism and terrorism.

We advocate and impose economic and political policies on backward people, in an alliance with the Saddams, Assads and Ben Alis, championing it as "freedom, democracy, way of life, etc" in order to maintain stability so that capital thrives and our geopolitical interests and preserved. 

We organise wars and mobilize Muslim and non-Muslim leaders who we define as moderates because they work for our interests and the interests of their respective classes at home an globally, we mobolize our resources and troops to spread our way of life by dismantling the social fabric of fragile societies, causing the deaths and dislocation of millions, and when those very same economic policies, social relations of power breed resistance against the barbarism of the Western powers (including the Russian one), we call that resistance, whether progressive or reactionary, a danger to our civilisation. 

We control most of the media, some of it is owned by oligarchs, but we remind you everyday that that we live in a democracy. We plunder our public resources and give them to the bankers, we preside over the biggest inequality, and probably, the biggest shiphoning of money through tax havens, we continue to perpetrate the plunder and 
subjugation through global institutions as well as the so-called NGOs and our local clients and friends who also buy our weapons. 

That is what amuses me. A state that has engaged in terrorism for at least the last two hundered years and on a 
daily basis, with almost full sanction or passivity of its own subjects, calls anyone which tries to rival its terrorism a terrorist. 

If you have read this and you think I am an extremist, I would say to you fuck off.

Note: two small examples of this "liberal democracy" they repeat as nauseam: 1. In some chains in Britains, you are not allowed to join a union. You sign a contract that stipulates that before you commence work. 2. Between a third and a half of my my own pension is invested in corporate debt. 
That is the criminality that people every 4 years sanction through their vote besides the biggers crimes of course (the wars, the bailouts, the cuts, the privatisation, enslavement through loans and debt of students and of poor countries, etc. etc)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Since the beginning of the Arab uprising the defenders of the status quo helped co-opt and domesticate the uprisings. Here they have twisted marxist and socialist ideas/ideals to try to absolve themselves and the criminal role they have played in aborting a meaningful change in the region. 

In the case of Egypt we have seen how the US, a fact this article unsurprisingly ignores, supported a power-sharing between Mubarak's regime without Mubarak and the Muslim Brotherhood and how later, when the latters were ousted, the US regime continued its financial and military support of the Egyptian army and the Egyptian regime. 

We also saw how the leadership of the MB, like its sister Al-Nahdha in Tunisia, hurried to Washington to kiss the hands of US imperialism and show that they could be reliant upon in maintaining the status quo: new faces, the army in the background, elections, but no changes in the fundamentals, i.e. the socio-economic structure that determines the daily bread and butter issues. That is what the writer of this NYT article mean by "moderates" and "democracy". 

I like the coclusion though that radicals should never trust liberals. In times of acute social crises, generally liberals side with repression and counter-revolution to maintain the status quo.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

I have read the Preface of this long piece and I have found it revolting, disgusting and sickening to say the least.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Indonesia Gotta Catch all the Communists

"A red scare is sweeping Indonesia, digging up the ghosts of the 1965-1966 mass killings, and threatening a fragile democracy."

Looks interesting, but access requires subscription