This was written in 1909: We must  know how  to combat religion, and in order to do so we must explain the source of faith and religion among the masses  in a materialist way . The combating of religion cannot be confined to abstract ideological preaching, and it must not be reduced to such preaching. It must be linked up with the concrete practice of the class movement, which aims at eliminating the social roots of religion. Why does religion retain its hold on the backward sections of the town proletariat, on broad sections of the semi-proletariat, and on the mass of the peasantry? Because of the ignorance of the people, replies the bourgeois progressist, the radical or the bourgeois materialist. And so: “Down with religion and long live atheism; the dissemination of atheist views is our chief task!” The Marxist says that this is not true, that it is a superficial view, the view of narrow bourgeois uplifters. It does not explain the roots of religion profoundly enough; it explains th

Capitalism and Imperialism

 Washington’s Bullets: A History of the CIA, Coups and Assassinations

Global Capitalism

 Dispossession and imperialism repackaged as ‘feeding the world’

Julian Assange

  Key prosecution witness is part of academic cluster which has received millions of pounds from UK and US militaries

The Market and Freedom of Expression

A few years ago I was told not to talk politics in class. I left my job. In my current job I am very cautious. I had lived under a police state and in a “free market democracy”, you don’t fear the state, but loosing your job. You may be even hated by others for expressing your non-conformist views. “Social activism could cost you valuable career currency”


 End the denial


 The Syrian Chambers of Commerce in 2020: The Rise of a New Business Elite