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Palestinians facing the state and the far-right

State and vigilante-style violence Related My interview with Jonathan Cook back in 2006
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Many of the laws criminalising homosexual relations originate from colonial times.  And in many places, breaking these laws could be punishable by long prison sentences. Out of the 53 countries in the Commonwealth - a loose association of countries most of them former British colonies - 36 have laws that criminalise homosexuality. Countries that criminalise homosexuality today also have criminal penalties against women who have sex with women, although the original British laws applied only to men. Related “Honour killing”

Migration: Italy’s Gateway to Europe

Does she believe Europe will want her, I ask, given that she arrived through illegal passage. "Let them say that I came in an illegal way," she replies "but if they ask me and hear my story, they will understand my pain." They will not understand your pain; they will apply “the law” in a hostile climate of a Europe that has seen a rise of the far-right and economic stagnation. They will look at you as the Other, the undesirable, and a threat to their standard of living, and their superior nation-state.  They have already forgotten what the immigrant workers have done during the pandemic.

Biden, American Jews and Israel

  Why he cannot even condemn Israeli violence Related “If Israel didn’t exist, the U.S. would have to invent one.” It’s “a three-billion-dollar-investment.” He said that in 1986. And “the Saudi are not bad guys; they’re fine people.” Listen to him

China: There Are No Saviours Above Us - June The Fourth Thirty Years On

Historical records and appraisals are not always reliable. Many are deceitful. As we all know, in a long dynasty, heroes abound; in a short one, most are villains. Why? Because a long dynasty chronicles its own history, hence eulogy; a short dynasty has its history written by its conqueror, hence denunciation. Lu Xun told his audience, in one of his 1927 lectures on the Wei-Jin era (coinciding roughly with the late Roman Empire). This is interesting but access to the full review is not free. Meanings of June the Fourth

Moshe Dayan, a former Israeli military leader and politician

Let us not today cast blame on the murderers. Who are we to argue against their potent hatred for us? For eight years they have been sitting in the refugee camps in Gaza, and before their eyes we have been turning the land and villages in which they and their forefathers lived into our own inheritance... We are the generation of settlement, and without steel helmets and the maw of the cannon we will not be able to plant a tree or build a home. Our children will not live if we do not dig shelters, and without barbed wire fences and machine guns we will not be able to pave roads or drill for water. Millions of Jews, annihilated because they had no country, gaze at us from the dust of Jewish history and command us to settle and raise up a land for our people. Rise and Kill First  (2018) by Ronen Bergman, p. 49. Citing  Moshe Dayan  (09 April, 1956) by Mordechai Bar-On, p. 128-129 There is no more Palestine. Finished . . . As quoted in  TIME  Magazine (30 July 1973)