Friday, November 17, 2006

'Résistances irakiennes' - Gaza

Gaza Burns: "Nineteen inhabitants of Beit Hanun were killed with malice aforethought. There is no other way of describing the circumstances of their killing. Someone who throws burning matches into a forest can't claim he didn't mean to set it on fire, and anyone who bombards residential neighborhoods with artillery can't claim he didn't mean to kill innocent inhabitants.," wrote Gideon Levy in Haaretz, 14 November. "The IDF has been behaving like this for months now," Levy added. Related articles: >> Ali Abuminah's letter (Electronic Intifada) >> 'No One is Guilty in Israel' by Gideon Levy (Haaretz) >> Listen to Rabbi Ahron Cohen >>

'Résistances irakiennes' by Nicolas Dessaux. Dessaux is an archeologist and president of the organization 'Iraq Solidarity', which since 2003 works for and supports women and social struggle in the occupied Iraq. His newly-released book raises the following questions:
What strategies should be adopted to prevent the civil war spreading in the quarters? How to defend women's rights while the Islamists are part of the government and control the streets? What social struggle should be carried out to defend justice and the rights of workers? >> Listen to the interview: Part 1 > Part 2

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