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"If one day the people will to live
Then destiny must reply;
The might must disappear,
And bonds must break"
Abu al-Qasim al-Shabbi

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>> The show theme music
>> Overcoming Zionism: Interview with Joel Kovel, 04July 2007
>> The War Economy of Iraq, Christopher Parker, 15 June 2007
>> Joel Beinin on Workers Struggles in Egypt, 30 March 2007
>> Assaf Adiv on Arab Workers plight and struggle in Israel, 23 March 2007
>> "Iran on the Brink - Rising Workers and Threats of War", Part 1, Part 2, 16 March 2007
>> Lara Deeb on Hizballah, Part 1, Part 2, 09 March 2007
>> "The Logic of Withdrawal" by Anthony Arnove, 26 January 2007
>> The Blood Never Dried: The British Empire in the Middle East, John Newsinger, 01 December 2006
>> China Mieville on the Middle East and International Law, Part 1, Part 2, 10 November 2006
>> Ilan Pappe, 'The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine', part 01 - part 02, 27 October 2006
>> The Middle East, Alan Woods, 22 September 2006
>> Khaled Hroub on Hamas, 25 August 2006
>> Jeremy Deare (NUJ) on the British Media and Lebanon-Israel, 18 August 2006
>> Arthur Neslen on the Israeli psyche, 28 July 2006
>> Yossi Schwartz on Isreal-Hizbollah-Lebanon and beyond, 21 July 2006
>> Endless War? David Keen, 14 July 2006
>> Interview with Greg Palast, 07 July 2006
>> Interview with Michael Schwartz,02 June 2006
>> Interview with Ted Honderich, 12 May 2006
>> Listen to Sajjad Khan on 'The Case for Action against Iran', 13 April 2006
>> Sami Ramadani on the media, torture, sectarianism and Iraq, 07 March 2006
>> Beyond Chutzpah - On the misuse of anti-semitism and the abuse of history - by Norman G. Finkelstein - 09 December 2005
>> Listen to Suad Khiary, an Iraqi activist and writer, 27 October 2005
>> Lal Khan, Pakistani Trade Union Defence Campaign, 29 July 2005
>> Listen to Murad Shirin on Iran's 2005 Elections, 24 June 2005
>> Interview with Mordechai Vanunu, 1 April 2005
>> Interview with Yossi Schwartz - On Israel/Palestine - March 2005
>> Listen to 'the Origins of Islam', 15 February 2005
>> Muslim-Marxist discussion, June 2004, Listen to Part I, Listen to Part II

"Newspapers have degenerated. They may now be absolutely relied upon." Oscar Wilde

>> Miss C. (Uri Avnery)
>> Egypt: Boxing in the Brothers and Comrades and Brothers
>> Palestinian Union Hit on all Sides (Al Jazeera)
>> White Elephants (Uri Avnery)
>> How Truth Slips Down the Memory Hole (John Pilger)
>> In Picture: The Work of Naji al-Ali
>> "Democracy for the Few"
>> Royal Dutch Shell and the Struggle for Iraqi Oil
>> Pakistan: The Storming of the Red Mosque (Adam Pal)
>> The Situation in the Middle East (Lal Khan, Pakistan)
>> "Overcoming Zionism": A book Review
>> Palestine in Suicide (Roni Ben Efrat, Challenge Magazine)
>> Read this or George W Bush will be President for the Rest of your Life (William Blum)
>> Welcome to 'Palestine' (Robert Fisk)
>> World Press Photo of the Year
>> Welcome to 'Palestine' (Robert Fisk)
>> Trail of CIA Agents for Abduction of Expatriate... (WSWS)
>> In Iraq's four-year looting frenzy (Simon Jenkins, the Guardian)
>> The Chosen Tool of the Weak against the Mighty (Eric Rouleau)
>> A Blanket Boycott of Israel or ... (Yossi Schwartz)
>> Israel: Myhtologizing a 20th Century Accident (Gabriel Kolko)
>> Wave of Repression against the Left in Morocco (
>> Secret US Plot to Kill Al-Sadr (The Independent)
>> Pakistan - A State at War with itself (Lal Khan)
>> Strikes in Egypt Spread from Centre to Gravity (MERIP)
>> Turkey: NATO's Islamists (Cihan Tugal)
>> Revolution, Flashmobs and Brain Chips (the Guardian)
>> Soros Kicked AIPAC. Obama Kicks Soros. Let's Kick All Three (Lenni Brenner)
>> Intensify the Witch-hunt (David Keen)
>> Lebanon - What is behind the Conflict? (Yossi Schwartz)
>> Racism, Resistance and all that Jazz, Mamoon Alabbasi
>> A Trial Giving Kangoroos a Bad Name (Stephen Lendman)
>> US and British Imperialism Staring Defeat in the Face (Rob Lyon)
>> Lebanon II: The Wider Picture (Roni Ben Ifrat)
>> The Blair Docrtrine: blood and money (John Pilger)
>> The British Army is just Another Militia (Kamil Mahdi)
>> Governmnet Death Squads Ravaging Baghdad
>> Muhammad's Sword (Uri Avnery)
>> The First Post-Zionist War (Roni Ben Efrat)
>> "Every Generation of Arabs Hates Israel More Than the Last" (U. Avnery)
>> Protests against ban on Sindh Teachers' Union (PTUDC)
>> Nostalgic about the War ( and Starry Night (audio)
>> Hizballah: A Primer (Lara Deeb, Middle East Report)
>> Pakistan: Teachers Union banned (PTUDC)
>> How I Found Myself with the Islamic Fascists (J. Cook)
>> Misplaying the Islamic power game (Financial Times)
>> Beware! The Attack on Democracy and... (
>> G. Galloway on Sky News (audio/video)
>> To Israel with Love (The Economist)
>> Empire: War and Propaganda (John Pilger)
>> Is it a War on Islam? (Pervez Hoodbhoy)
"Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets." Napolean Bonaparte

Books (in English)
Overcoming Zionism, Joel Kovel
Myth and Reality in the Contemporary Islamist Movement, Fouad Zakariyya.
Iran on the Brink - Rising Workers and Threats of War, Andreas Malm & Shora Esmailian.
Filming the Modern Middle East - Politics in the Cinemas of Hollywood and the Arab World, Lina Khatib.
Occupied Minds - A Journey through the Israeli Psyche, Arthur Neslen.
Contemporary Arab Thought, Ibrahim Abu Rabi.
The Blood Never Dried: People's History of the British Empire, John Newsinger.
Merchant Capital and Islam, Mahmood Ibrahim.

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