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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

More crimes by state terrorism. Russian this time. "200" Syrian civilians killed. No, they are not French!

"All of this infuriates Orabi Hamdan. I met him at a refugee reception centre in Stockholm. 
He comes from Deraa, where the first anti-regime demonstrations began, and is waiting to be re-united with his wife who is living in another centre. 
He feels he and his family are pawns of the big powers. 
"They play and we pay. It is a game. But a bad game and a bloody game. Our children play. You see every day a lot of kids killed without any reasons. You find the kids as pieces without legs, without heads, without arms...why?"
The Syrian talks may produce a settlement that allows Orabi to go home. 
But the conflict stands as a testament to the failure of the international system. (Source: the bbc )

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