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Thursday, November 10, 2016

"[T]he Intruder, characteristically an asylum seeker, an illegal immigrant, or increasingly a legal immigrant, who has been added to the ranks of the category of 'criminal’ while being housed and ‘protected’ by the Incompetents, enslaved as they are to doctrines of ‘Political Correctness’. Migration is therefore a central issue here. And neoliberalism contributes to the revival of far-right politics through the global, structural changes that it has carried through over the last 40 years. In particular, it is the connection between domestic socio-economic change, as reflected in the rescaling of welfare assistance, and the compulsions toward labour market flexibility, with the accompanying sense of individualized social insecurity for workers (Theodore, 2007: 252–53). 

Neoliberalism, then, has rested upon the opening up of labour 
markets within the mature capitalist economies to competitive pressures on the social wage through both offshoring production sources in low-wage zones and though encouraging migrants to enter labour markets contributing to further downward pressure on wages and driving up the level of exploitation. At the same time, neoliberal policies through the waves of structural adjustment supervised by the IMF and World Bank (and in the European case, the European Commission) have played an important role in compounding economic insecurities and inequalities within many of these countries, thus propelling many people to migrate to the richer zones of the core capitalist countries to secure their livelihoods." 

— Neil Davidson, Neoliberalism and the Far-Right: a Contradictory Embrace,  in the journal Critical Sociology, 2016

My conclusion:

Iraq, Syria and Libya: Barbarism produced more barbarism thus we have "a clash of barbarisms".
In Britain and the U.S., the hearland of Neoliberalism, reactionary socio-economic policies have begotten reactionary resistance.

7 Theses on Trump

It was the Democrats's embrace of Neoliberalism that won for Trump

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This is funny, but it also refletcs how deep the level of political degeneration has reached.