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Thursday, March 23, 2017


I have received an email saying that the attack, which took place yesterday, was "an attack on the values of democracy and openess". 
Theresa May, the PM, has said that "the attacker was inspired by the Islamic faith".

The intellectual disability (or the fundamentalist discourse) of some people are just disgusting.

Has the PM said something else? Yes, she spoke about "the oldest democracy", "freedom", "forces of evil", and some other things of that nature. The ones we heard after the previous attacks.

Update: the Prime Minister also said that "we saw the worst of humanity." She is not pretending to be ignorant; she is just a representative of an imperialist and chauvinistic regime for which the rhetoric of "humanity" is a PR for public comsumption.
More than 200 people just drowned in the Miditerranean

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