"Algeria's angry young men! Racism in all its splendour. These orientalist cliches of the Arab-Berber man are really hard to dislodge even in the most "progressive" spaces (and I am not talking about the Guardian here). When, as an Arab, you speak up your mind, you show your anger and emotions, you are being upfront and direct in your behaviour, you are dubbed unreasonable, difficult to communicate with, not rational (not cartesian like the European), too emotional and above all you need to be controlled, tone-policed, disciplined and in need of civilising and enlightening in the European ways. I go through this almost every day and it is exhausting and painful!" 
— Hamza Hamouchene, commenting on this.

Indeed, you wouldn't see Ms Hannah speaking about the British or Wetsern youth as narcisistic, football addicts, commody lovers, their ignorance of their history, indifferent to other people's sufferring, to their governments wars, support of the Algerian dictatorship, lies, corruption, rendition, harbouring of oligarchs, unprecedent inequality, exploitation, subservience, acceptance of corporate expensive higher education in Britain, etc, etc.