Saturday, January 05, 2008

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Class and Sect in the Middle East, interview with Anne Alexander.
The Yacoubian Building: the novel and the film.
Can Hamas Liberate Palestine?
The US Elections and the Middle East
Katherine C. Donahue, author of Slave of Allah - Zacarias Moussaoui vs The USA (Pluto Press September 2007)
Ibrahim Abu Rabi, author of Contemporary Arab Thought

19 December 2007 show

Iraqi Oil for Beginners, a comic book by Jon Sack. Israel: the longest teachers strike in the history of Israel.
05 December 2007 show : Andy Worthington, author of The Guantanamo Files - The Stories of the 774 Detainees in America’s Illegal Prison (PLuto Press, November 2007)
Interview with Arun Kundnani, author of "The End of Tolerance - Racism in 21st Century Britain".
28 November 2007: InterviewArun Kundnani on his book The End of Tolerance - Racism in 21st Century Britain. Also in the show: Dubai, Wealth and Workers' Plight.
21 November 2007 show
14 November 2007 show: Pakistan,Turkey and the Kurds
31 October 2007 show
24 October 2007 show
Listen to the interview with the Egyptian historian Mahmood Ibrahim, author of Merchant Capital and Islam.
17 October 2007 show: Part of a talk by Norman Finkelstein author of On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History (2005).
Overcoming Zionism: Interview with Joel Kovel, 04July 2007
Joel Beinin on Workers Struggles in Egypt, 30 March 2007
Assaf Adiv on Arab Workers plight and struggle in Israel, 23 March 2007
"Iran on the Brink - Rising Workers and Threats of War", Part 1, Part 2, 16 March 2007
Lara Deeb on Hizballah, Part 1, Part 2, 09 March 2007

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